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Did you know?

Did you know 1 lb of carbon dioxide is equal to 1 mile driven?
Source: epa.gov

According to Regeneration Consumer Study:

A majority of consumers globally agree or strongly agree that they would "purchase more products that are environmentally and socially responsible" if they:

According to Regeneration Consumer Study (cont'd):

  • Performed as well as, or better than, products they usually buy (75%)
  • It didn't cost more (70%)
  • Companies' health and environmental claims were more believable (64%)

POLYGEN™ is a technology company that provides data and the quantitative environmental impact within the green products industry. Our clients are provided the necessary information to make informed business decisions around procurement.

Our flagship product – CompTool – is a web-based research and reporting platform which allows our clients to compare the environmental and economic impact of over 40,000 thousand products.

Current verticals include: lighting, material handling, cleaning supplies, and paint.